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Gift Certificates Available
Call to purchase Gift Certificates directly from the Practitioner of your choice below:
Barb Bausch, Nationally Certified Reflexologist: 843-816-4624
Dr. Jennifer L. Lemire, Doctor of Chiropractic: 843-540-8750
Alyssa J, Esthetician: 330-603-1712

Dr. Jennifer L. Lemire, DC & massage therapist TBD
1/2 hour Chiropractic Session
1/2 hour Light Massage  $70.00
Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Friday’s (Dr. Jennifer)

Barb Bausch, Nationally Certified Reflexologist & massage therapist TBD
1/2 Reflexology Session
1/2 hour Therapeutic Massage  $90.00
Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (Barb)

Alyssa J., Esthetician & massage therapist TBD
1 hour Farm to Fresh Facial
I hour Light Massage  $139.99
Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s (Alyssa)

Body, Mind, and ‘Sole’ Package
Chiropractic and Reflexology (30 min) $70
Call Barb Bausch 843-816-4624 or Dr. Jennifer L. Lemire 843-540-8750

Neuromuscular Spinal Massage by massage therapist TBD (30 min) and Chiropractic Package
1 package for $70
4 packages for $250
Call Dr. Jennifer L. Lemire 843-540-8750

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