Reflexology by Barb Bausch


Barb Bausch is a nationally certified Reflexologist.

Contact Barb directly at 843-816-4624 to schedule an appointment at the Just Be Centre.

Looking to stay healthy and be proactive about life’s choices?

Consider using reflexology to add to your health and well-being. Reflexology is a holistic practice that helps maintain a body’s balance or homeostasis. By applying thumb and finger pressure to the reflexes located in the feet and hands, reflexology opens areas of blocked energy found in the body, thus allowing body parts to work more efficiently by increasing blood flow and circulation and raising energy levels.

Working on becoming healthier or having less pain in particular areas or throughout your body?

Reflexology can help with that as well. Reflexology isn’t a cure to what ails you but is a complementary therapy or treatment with other choices you have made for the healing process. Reflexology can aid in many maladies such as allergies, sinus issues, pain management, bowel issues, organ dysfunctions, arthritis, neuropathy, sciatica, gland problems and many other ailments resulting in blocked energy and decreased blood flow to the body part.

Give reflexology a try and experience better health, better sleep, and a better you.

Reflexology Session

60 minute session working feet or hands, or combination of both, $70

Contact Barb directly by phone at 843-816-4624 to schedule an appointment at the Just Be Centre.

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