The Just Be Centre hosts experienced psychics and trance mediums each month, and offers Tarot readings Hilton-Head-Spa-Psychics & Mediumshipquarterly. Please see our events page for specific dates and times.

Dwanna Paul, Trance Medium offers spiritual healing, communications and psychic readings.

Angels of Light Healing Service

Through the direction of spiritual beings, we channel the Divine intelligence and healing power that is in all things to relieve emotional, physical and spiritual ailments. Spiritual healing never involves diagnosing, prescriptions or manipulation.

About Circles of Lights

Through this portal to unseen worlds, loved ones, angels, spirit helpers and powerful teachers communicate messages from the departed offering assistance and insight. You may receive personal messages while witnessing spirit phenomena, including elemental sensations, mysterious sounds and dazzling light beings!

Contact Nann at the Just Be Centre to schedule private readings at 843-757-7512.

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