Laurie Holmes LMT, & Certified Transformative Wellness Coach

Hilton-Head-Spa-Laurie HolmesWith a 30 year career doing therapeutic body work, I have worked extensively with Clients who want to experience more freedom of movement and less pain in their bodies. I graduated from the Florida School of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1990. I have been licensed in Florida, Alabama, Colorado, and now South Carolina. I have worked with top Olympic gold and silver medal winners (Dana Torres and Chris Hoy), professional athletes (Dwayne Wade, NBA star) accident cases, those with spinal injuries, neck and shoulder pain, mobility issues, low back problems, and fascial distortions. In 1988 I took an 80 hour Certification course in Deep Connective Tissue Therapy from the MAHA institute. I have taken over 52 hours in Traditional Thai Massage, Swei-Thai and Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage.

I decided that I wanted to add a deeper element to my knowledge and practice and I have for the past two years been studying to be a Coach. In 2012-2013 I took the Essentials Course from the International Coach Academy from Austrailia, and in 2014 I took Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy and I’m now a Certified Transformative Coach.

I’m proud to announce our new practice at the Just Be Centre for Enlightenment in Bluffton, South Carolina! Contact me today for Massage Therapy, Coaching workshops and intensives as well as individual private sessions.

Contact Laurie directly by phone at 843-422-7454 to schedule an appointment at the Just Be Centre.

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